stay at home dad_Father and daughter playing with toys on sofa at home
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What Is It Like to Be a Stay at Home Dad?

The stay at home mom is something that the world is used to and most people do not bat an eyelid at, but a stay at home dad? That is a little different. Truth be told stay at home dads are far more common now with more women heading back out to work and dad taking care of things at home. But what is life like for the average stay at home dad?

Father and daughter playing with toys at home
Father and daughter playing with toys at home


You Have to Explain Yourself a Lot

One of the weirdest things about being a stay at home dad is that for some strange reason many people want to know why you are a stay at home dad! If you told someone you were a stay at home mom that would be the end of the conversation. But for a stay at home dad, people want to know why it was decided you would stay at home and your wife/significant other would go to work.

It may not sound like a big deal, but sometimes it can feel awkward and while people may not ask it with bad intentions it can sometimes make you feel bad. Well, it shouldn’t as there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home dad.


You Can Get Lonely

Being able to stay home with your child and experience so many things first hand is awesome. However, it can sometimes be a rather lonely experience and some days you will really crave for some adult interaction. The best ways around this are going for lots of walks, taking your child to baby groups and just getting out of the house as much as you can.

Even just going for a walk and saying hello to a random person in your town or speaking to the guy at your local store can make all the difference. Feeling a bit lonely does not make you a bad dad. It is only natural to want some other human interaction apart from Mickey and the rest of his Clubhouse that you and your child watch for 3 hours a day!


You Take Care of the House as Well as the Baby

Smiling dad preparing food in the kitchen and taking care of his little daughter
Smiling dad preparing food in the kitchen and taking care of his little daughter


It is not fair to expect your other half to work all day then come home and cook and clean, with you saying that you cannot do it because you have had the baby all day! Being a stay at home dad also means that you are the one responsible for taking care of the house. This means that you need to take care of the vacuuming, dusting, cooking and so on. Now, this sounds like a huge list of chores, but these tasks actually help give you something a little extra to do and shopping with your kid is always more fun and adorable than doing it on your own.

From a personal experience, I found the best way to handle the “daily chores” was to do certain jobs on certain days. For example, Wednesday would be when I would vacuum the whole house, Friday I would do the mopping, Monday the dusting and so on. It makes things more manageable and it also gives you that extra little thing to do each day.


Dad preparing food in the kitchen and taking care of his daughter 

You Learn to Be Prepared

One of the things that you will be shocked by is just how much stuff you need when you leave the house with a baby. You will have a bag with you at all times that is bigger than if you were going camping for the weekend. Being a stay at home dad means that you have to think about what you are going to do, what you are going to need and so on. Being prepared for your days out, activities in the house and so on makes your life so much better.

One of the best bits of advice I can give you here is to never have too many baby wipes! These things are a godsend and they will get you out of so many jams you will be praising them forever. This is especially true for diaper changes. Never take that dirty diaper off without already having your baby wipes open and ready for action!


You Have a Lot of Fun!

Sure being a stay at home dad is a ton of responsibility and it is not the easiest job in the world. However, if you ask any stay at home dad they will tell you that it is a lot of fun. You get to see so many firsts in your child’s life and you get to bond with them in a really special way. Do not just look at being a stay at home dad as a financial decision. Look at it like you are a very lucky man who is getting to do something that not a whole lot of men get to do.

Being a stay at home dad is not easy as I have said before. However, the fun that you and your child will have is something that will stick with you forever. From seeing them laugh as you push them on the swing at the park, taking them swimming and in general just watching how they develop. These are all memories that will stick with you forever and when they are full grown you will be very thankful that no matter what your situation in life was that you became a stay at home dad.  

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